Hair Salon Promotion Ideas to Fill Bookings in November 2023

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Learn innovative and seasonally inspired promotion ideas designed specifically for hair salons looking to boost bookings and client engagement in November 2023. Discover how to leverage this unique month to your salon’s advantage with creative marketing and special offers.

Embracing November’s Unique Charm for Your Salon’s Marketing Thrust

November can be a transitional period for many salons. As the leaves change, so can your booking rates. Here’s how you can use November’s distinctive appeal to create promotions that fill your salon’s schedule.

Thanksgiving Week Specials

Thanksgiving isn’t just about feasting; it’s a prime time for family photos and reunions. Offer a “Thanksgiving Glam Package” to get clients photo-ready.

Black Friday Deals

Capitalize on the biggest shopping day of the year with Black Friday discounts. Consider “Buy One, Get One” deals on products or “Back-to-Back Booking” discounts for clients who schedule their next appointment on the spot.

Seasonal Hair Care Tips and Tricks

November’s colder, drier weather calls for a change in hair care routines. Share tips on social media and offer special in-salon treatments or home care packages.

Movember Awareness

Support Movember by offering discounts to clients who come in to groom their mustaches and beards, and pledge a portion of the proceeds to men’s health charities.

Pre-Holiday Rush Promotions

Encourage clients to beat the December rush with “Early Bird Holiday Styling” offers. Add a small gift, like a travel-sized product, as an incentive.

Winter Transformation Packages

With winter around the corner, offer color transformation packages to clients looking to switch to darker, richer tones for the season.

Customer Appreciation Days

Show gratitude to your loyal clients with Customer Appreciation Days, featuring special prices, refreshments, and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Co-Marketing with Local Businesses

Partner with local businesses for cross-promotions. Offer a discount to clients who bring in a receipt from a local coffee shop or bakery.

Online Booking Incentives

Make booking easy and offer a small discount or extra service for appointments booked online during November.

Gift Card Bonanza

Encourage early gift card purchases by offering a bonus. For example, “Buy a $100 gift card, get an extra $20 value”.

Social Media Flash Sales

Surprise followers with limited-time flash sales announced on social media, creating urgency and excitement.

Tactical Tips for November Salon Promotions

  • Create Urgency: Time-sensitive offers encourage quicker decision-making.
  • Bundle Services: Offer package deals that provide value and increase service use.
  • Visual Storytelling: Use images and graphics that reflect November’s ambiance in your marketing materials.
  • Personal Touch: Send personalized invites to your top clients for exclusive November promotions.
  • Leverage Email Marketing: Send out a newsletter highlighting your November specials with a clear call to action.

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