About Us

Featheredge Media are your trusted partner in hair and beauty salon digital marketing.

Our Story

Featheredge Media began with a simple idea: to help small to medium-sized beauty and hair salons compete in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace. Our team of experienced online marketing specialists and content creators have helped hundreds of businesses grow and succeed over years of experience in online marketing.

Our journey started with an understanding of the unique challenges salons face. Major firms dominate the beauty and hair industry, often leaving small and medium-sized salons struggling to attract customers despite offering excellent services. We believed in levelling the playing field and empowering these businesses using our unique hyper-local traffic strategy.

Adam Hillier | CEO, Beauty & Hair Salon Media & Growth Specialist

What Sets Us Apart

Our specialized focus on hair and beauty salons sets us apart from the generic digital marketing landscape. This industry-specific expertise, coupled with our unique strategy and advertising campaigns, allows us to provide our clients with targeted and long-lasting results.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we limit the number of businesses we work with in any given area. This approach ensures we dedicate our full resources, time, and expertise to each client, enabling us to deliver optimal results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small to medium-sized salons level the playing field with large competitors. We focus on increasing your salon’s online visibility to attract the clients you want. We’re not just effective; we’re efficient. We’ll be able to show you results within days of implementing our strategy but you should be committed to a long-term plan if you want to grow.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every salon, regardless of size, can reach its full potential. By increasing your online visibility, we can help you attract more customers, fill your bookings, and expand your business.

Our Results Speak Volumes

Our client’s successes are our successes. We’ve seen our clients’ online visibility skyrocket, reaching the coveted Google 3 pack and standing out in their local areas. These tangible results have led to an influx of more traffic, more calls, more emails, more walk-ins, more bookings, and ultimately, more customers for our clients.

Are You Ready to Grow?

Featheredge Media is more than a digital marketing agency. We’re your partner in growth and success. Let’s start working together today.

Don’t just dream about success. Make it happen. 

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