Salon Mailing List & Newsletter Content Plan Ideas For November 2023

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A detailed content plan for your salon’s mailing list and newsletter in November 2023 to help attract customers.

When November rolls around, salons need to gear up for the festive season that follows. Not only is it the precursor to December’s festivities, but it’s also a month brimming with opportunities to engage your clientele through curated content. Your mailing list and newsletter can be powerful tools to keep your clientele informed, engaged, and eager to visit your salon. Let’s dive into a content plan tailored for November 2023.

1. November’s Special Service Highlight

Kick off the month by introducing a special service or product. Maybe it’s a new hair treatment for the winter months or a skincare routine tailored for the changing season. Detailed how-to guides or behind-the-scenes glimpses can offer value and pique interest. For inspiration, see our post on how to leverage your beauty salon’s social media marketing.

2. Thanksgiving Beauty Tips

Thanksgiving is a major event in November. Share beauty tips to help your clients look their best. This could range from hairstyles that last through long dinners to makeup that complements festive outfits. For more detailed tutorials, point them towards trusted beauty blogs such as Beautylish.

3. Exclusive Discounts for Newsletter Subscribers

Reward your loyal newsletter readers with special November discounts or early access to Black Friday deals. Such exclusives enhance the perceived value of being on your mailing list.

4. Winter Hair and Skin Care Guide

November marks the onset of colder weather in many regions. Provide valuable content on transitioning beauty routines to address the challenges posed by winter. For skincare guidance, you can reference trusted sources like Dermstore’s blog.

5. Customer Spotlight

Feature testimonials or before-and-after transformations of your clients (with their consent). Real-life results can encourage others to book an appointment. For ideas on how to present these stories effectively, revisit our post on customer success stories.

6. Upcoming Salon Events or Workshops

Are you hosting any events or workshops in November? Maybe a pre-Thanksgiving pampering session or a winter beauty workshop? Highlight them in your newsletter to boost attendance.

7. Sneak Peek into December Specials

Build anticipation for the festive month ahead. Give your subscribers a sneak peek into upcoming holiday promotions, special packages, or new services.

8. A Personal Note from the Salon Owner

Humanize your brand. A personal note, sharing what November means to the salon or expressing gratitude ahead of Thanksgiving, can resonate with readers and foster loyalty.

9. Interactive Element

Include a poll, quiz, or feedback form. Maybe ask them about their favorite winter beauty product or the services they’d love to see in December. Interaction can provide insights and make your clientele feel involved in your salon’s journey.

10. Call to Action

End with a strong call to action. Encourage bookings, remind them to follow you on social media, or ask them to share the newsletter with friends who might benefit.

November is ripe with opportunities to engage, educate, and excite your clientele. With the right content strategy, your newsletter can be a powerful tool to drive bookings, foster loyalty, and enhance your salon’s brand image. For more on crafting compelling content, explore our treasure trove of insights on the Featheredge Media blog.

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