Beauty Email Ideas & Content for Your Salon’s Mailing List Newsletter August 2023


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Effective newsletter setup instructions to increase engagement with your customers.

Email templates for August 2023 with offer suggestions to help promote your salon.

The Best Beauty Offers to Promote in Your August 2023 Newsletter

The world of beauty is glamorous, but the reality of running a salon isn’t always so.

Beyond the hair, nails, and facials, it’s about building a brand, engaging with your clients, and securing those all-important appointments.

Let’s delve into the potent force that is digital advertising!

Setting Up a Newsletter and Mailing List – Why It’s Crucial

Boost Customer Loyalty: Newsletters allow you to engage with your clients regularly, keeping them informed about your latest offerings, tips, and exclusive deals. Regular communication builds trust and loyalty.

Promote Offers and Events: Got a special discount or seasonal treatment? Your newsletter is the perfect place to share it, directly reaching those most interested in your services.

Enhance Your Brand’s Image: Through well-crafted content, you can showcase your salon’s personality and expertise, making your brand more relatable and appealing to clients.

How to Set Up a Newsletter and Mailing List – Step by Step

  1. Choose an Email Marketing Platform: Platforms like MailChimp or Brevo are user-friendly and offer free options for small businesses.
  2. Collect Emails: Create a sign-up form on your website and in your salon to encourage clients to subscribe.
  3. Design Your Newsletter: Use the templates provided by the platform or create a custom design that reflects your brand.
  4. Craft Content: Create engaging content, including special offers, seasonal tips, and more.
  5. Send Regularly: Stick to a schedule, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to keep your audience engaged.

Your August Newsletter Content – Emails and More

Now that you’re all set with your newsletter, here are some tailor-made ideas for August:

 1. Introducing the August Sun-Kissed Package

Subject Line: “Get Sun-Kissed with Our Exclusive August Package šŸŒž”

Email Content:

“Dear [Customer’s Name],

Embrace the golden rays of August with our Sun-Kissed Package. Indulge in a Vitamin C-infused facial, followed by a soothing aloe vera body wrap to heal and hydrate your sun-drenched skin. Book now and shine bright all month long! [Insert Booking Link]

Warm regards,

[Your Salon’s Name]”

2. Back-to-School Special Offers

Subject Line: “Celebrate Back-to-School with Unbeatable Beauty Offers šŸŽ“”

Email Content:

“Dear [Customer’s Name],

Get ready for the new school year with our specially crafted beauty packages. From haircuts to mani-pedis, we’ve got your back! Grab 10% off all treatments this month only. Click here [Insert Link] to book your appointment now!


[Your Salon’s Name]”

3. Spotlight on Seasonal Treatments: Cool Cucumber Facials

Subject Line: “Stay Cool with Our Refreshing Cucumber Facial šŸ„’”

Email Content:

“Hi [Customer’s Name],

Beat the August heat with our Cool Cucumber Facial. Enjoy the calming effects of cucumber and mint that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. Hurry, limited slots available. Book now [Insert Link]!


[Your Salon’s Name]”

4. Exclusive Member’s Only Discount

Subject Line: “Exclusive 20% Off for Our Valued Members – This August Only! šŸŒŸ”

Email Content:

“Dear [Customer’s Name],

As our beloved member, we’re thrilled to offer you 20% off all treatments this August. This is our way of saying thank you for being part of our beauty family. Schedule your pampering session today [Insert Link].

With love,

[Your Salon’s Name]”

5. End-of-Summer Hair Care Tips

Subject Line: “Protect Your Hair from Summer’s End with These Tips šŸ–ļø”

Email Content:

“Hey [Customer’s Name],

As summer winds down, your hair needs some extra TLC. Check out our latest blog post [Insert Link] on how to keep your locks luscious and healthy as we transition into fall.

See you soon,

[Your Salon’s Name]”

Transforming Emails into Newsletter Format 

The beauty of these email ideas is their flexibility. You can easily transform them into engaging snippets within your newsletter.

Instead of individual emails, you can combine these ideas into one comprehensive newsletter, providing your clients with a month-long guide to all things beauty.

Add visuals, hyperlink to booking pages, and infuse your unique brand voice to make them even more compelling.

Looking for more content ideas? Checkout our 10 Content Ideas for Beauty Salons in 2023: Expert Strategy Guide

Start building a community

Creating a newsletter is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a way of fostering a community around your salon.

By keeping your clients informed and engaged, you deepen their connection with your brand.

The tailor-made content ideas for August, whether used in emails or a newsletter, are designed to resonate with your clients, making them feel valued and special. Happy mailing, and here’s to a successful August!

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