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Learn how Featheredge Media helped a London-based eyelash salon stand out in a competitive market and increase bookings for the customers they wanted. 

The Best Eyelashes In London?

Are you looking to attract more customers to your salon?

At Featheredge Media, we work with our clients to not only get you more customers but more of the customers you want.

Recently, one of our clients, an eyelash studio in London, asked us to help them sell more Russian volume and hybrid lashes as well as highlight their business across London for events and weddings.

The reason… these services make them the most money and bring in the type of clients they like the most!

Learn more about our strategy, how it helped them and how it can help you, below: 

Unique Hyper-Targeted Traffic Strategy 

With our unique and specialised hyper-local marketing campaigns, we were able to get them seen in key areas around their business in central London.

One great example was highlighting them in the Google 3 pack for a competitive search term in Marylebone (Which has the highest living population in Central London).


As well as getting your business more visible we create great content that also gets you seen. Like we did here… 

Screenshot 2022-09-04 153035

In this case, over time and consistency, our campaigns helped the salon rank for the whole of London for their Wedding service.

Screenshot 2022-09-04 153327

Getting Traffic = Getting Bookings

Getting the lash salon more visibility for their key services in the locations where their customers are based naturally leads to more traffic. The traffic comes from a mix of direct traffic through the content we created and organic traffic that has found the business easier online due to their improved visibility.

Here is what happened to their traffic in the 1st month we took over:


Increasing their visibility for the services they want to sell more of has led to an increase in calls, emails and even walk-ins from customers looking for those services.

Becoming more visible within popular search engines, particularly Google, makes it a lot easier for your clients to find you. If we help you get more visible for the services you would like to sell more of, you will get more of those clients. Then it’s up to you to provide a great service.

It really is that simple. 

And the best part… Working with us has taken no valuable time away from the salon.

They are able to continue to focus on what they do best and provide a great service to their new customers.

Our team takes care of everything and provides them with monthly updates on our easy-to-understand colour-coded visibility report.

If you’re looking to get more bookings for your salon, book a free consultation below to find out whether your salon is a good fit for our camapigns.


  • Adam Hillier

    Adam, a seasoned digital and content marketing strategist, is renowned for his expertise in the beauty sector. Through his leadership at Featheredge Media, he has elevated numerous salons worldwide, bolstering their online presence and guiding them towards exponential growth. Passionate about empowering salon owners, Adam distills his vast knowledge into actionable insights, aiming to transform their businesses and help them thrive in the digital landscape.

    Adam Hillier
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